Outsourcing Bill Pay & Payroll

Outsourcing bill pay and payroll tasks to an accounting partner like Pax can have significant benefits for small and medium-sized businesses.

Key Benefits of Outsourcing Bill Pay & Payroll

Along with bookkeeping, bill pay and payroll represent two accounting tasks of a business that can be complicated and time-consuming. An organizational and financial strategy utilized by a growing number of both small and medium-sized businesses is bill pay and payroll outsourcing.

At Pax, we work closely with growing businesses to develop customized outsourcing solutions for vital tasks that include bill pay and payroll, and there are significant benefits to be realized.

Take Advantage of Latest Technology

Small and medium-sized businesses oftentimes do not have the financial wherewithal to assess and invest in the latest accounting or bookkeeping technology. With bill pay and payroll outsourcing through us, you have access to the latest technology, and you don’t have to worry about maintaining it or even using it. Our experienced team does all the work for you and your company.

Accurate Accounting: Bill Pay & Payroll Management

Most small and medium-sized businesses find their teams rushing to get bills paid and payroll calculated. With everything on a company’s plate, this is an understandable, albeit unfortunate, reality. Outsourcing accounting tasks like bill pay and payroll through us ensures accuracy and timely payment to your vendors, employees, and the government!

Cost Savings

When a business takes a close look at the person-hours and other expenses attributable to bill payment and payroll, undertaking these functions internally proves costly. Accessing bill payment and payroll solutions from us bring tangible cost savings to your business.

Do you have someone in senior leadership paying bills and payroll? Your most valuable team members shouldn’t be stressing about calculating and filing payroll taxes or managing the due dates of bills. Allow us to free your team to do what they do best and drive your growth. This shift can result in improving your company’s bottom line and raising employee morale at the same time.

Leverage Our Expertise

Finally, a key benefit of outsourcing bill pay and payroll service with us is leveraging our experience. Our professionals manage these services for businesses across various industries and sizes, and we partner with the best-in-class cloud applications to do it.

Pax Advisors: A Full-Service Firm

Beyond bill pay and payroll services, we are a full-service CPA firm. This includes everything from offering outsourced CFO services to managing your books, making us far more just than payroll company, bookkeeper, or tax accountant.